Tools of the trade

As a lawyer specializing in family law in Switzerland, I use an increasing number of digital tools in my profession.This serie aims to introduce you to some of them.

TextSoap is mainly a text cleaning tool. It allows you, in one click, to take a text with many extra spaces, unnecessary carriage returns, tabs, etc. and make it more readable.

I mainly use it in a specific case: when I copy text from scanned works or in case law reproduced on the web.

Example: Valais jurisprudence. It is published with many carriage returns, which makes its copying tedious:

After a little MyScrub :

It’s much simpler when you want to quote it. It goes much further when you’re dealing with a scanned book:

The OCR layer looks like this:

In the blink of an eye, here is what you get :

It’s not perfect, but you gained at least three-four minutes per quote.

TextSoap est disponible dans l’offre de SetApp, qui regroupe plusieurs des logiciels que j’utilise quotidiennement.

Avocat spécialiste FSA droit de la famille. Get in touch :

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